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When you’re working within the industrial plant, engineering or scientific niches, the wear and tear on equipment and instrumentation is an inevitable side effect.

In addition, companies that operate within these spheres often have their own standards of compliance to adhere to for external regulatory or agency bodies. It’s crucial that they keep these levels of compliance up.

SCADA Maintenance and Validation Employee

Failure to do so could lead to a degradation or misalignment of processes or poorly functioning equipment that could endanger the lives of employees as well as consumers if measurements or calibrations aren’t technically precise.

All this because of an error in the details?


Maintenance and validation services hit on three important aspects: There can be equipment maintenance and validation, instrumentation maintenance and validation, and lastly— though certainly not disconnected from the prior two — process validation.

Minor inaccuracies in measurement or calibration can lead to major inaccuracies. This can then trickle down to the products or processes these instruments affect. This also extends to process validation, which is the collection and evaluation of this data from the process design stage throughout the production cycle. If these numbers are off, and this data provides the scientific evidence that this particular process delivers consistently quality products, the results could be inconsistent or completely misaligned.

This is why Telstar’s team in Concord offers a SCADA maintenance and validation service in Concord that is a crucial and core part of what we do. We also have offices in Sacramento and Hanford.

As a state-certified contractor, we’re well-versed with our clients’ dual needs to maintain compliance with regulatory bodies through detailed documentation as well as their primary motivation to improve their internal processes.

We keep on top of your requirements, performing routine checks and maintenance while also performing on-going validation to ensure your processes and equipment are running like a tight ship.


The team at Telstar has been working on an ongoing basis with our clients in industries as diverse as pharmaceutical manufacturing, food and beverage, industrial waste and wastewater facilities, and more.

The one thing that all these industries have in common is a heavy reliance on scientific precision and data through industrial instrumentation. Instrumentation maintenance is a service that we’ve been providing for years across functionalities, such as:

  • SCADA maintenance
  • Gas detection and alarm systems
  • Telemetry
  • Electrical control maintenance
  • Chemical feed equipment
  • Computer and PLC control systems

As you might imagine, none of these are isolated events — these services are necessarily interrelated, and the improper functioning or measurement of one can have a heavy consequence on all other successive processes and equipment.This means that our technicians and electrical staff can work, one-on-one, with you to assess your company’s maintenance needs.



Standing for “Supervisory control and data acquisition,” SCADA maintenance and validation is both data and process-centric. It often involves:

  • An update on a complete and thorough database of inventory and equipment
  • Checking the central site computer, which monitors facilities to ensure that there are no system issues
  • The ongoing repair of equipment that is found to be faulty
  • Creating a short weekly report about the system’s performance and any problems encountered during maintenance or validation
  • Performing functional checks of each piece of equipment in the system to ensure expected operations
  • Visiting each Rtfu and master site to carry out a visual check as well as a functional check of each piece of equipment
  • Physically cleaning the site and equipment, keeping it free of build-up, dust, vermin, etc.
  • Testing and measuring the main operating parameters of every piece of equipment, including indicators such as voltages, currents, frequencies, inputs, outputs, levels, and noise
  • Creating a complete and up-to-date inventory of spare parts
  • Ensuring that any changes to the system that occur from repair are then fully documented and that drawings are updated

As you can see, SCADA maintenance brings data together with the equipment that produces the data and the logic or programming used to power these connections.

Telstar’s highly skilled technicians have the right amount of intuitive knowledge and expertise in the details of these interconnections to perform this sort of complex maintenance.


From terminals and control panels to wiring, circuitry and the programs that connect the plant’s electrical interfaces, electrical controls maintenance is an ongoing issue that requires frequent testing to ensure everything is running smoothly.


Telstar has found that when electrical controls maintenance is done in a regular and ongoing manner, it becomes preventive rather than diagnostic. We’re able to more quickly respond to any issues that arise from something seemingly innocuous like paintwork damage or signs of corrosion.

We’re also better positioned to anticipate any hiccups that could disrupt the feedback of electrical controls within your facility. While electrical equipment and controls “failure” or degradation may be par for the course at some point, the onset can be delayed through proper maintenance and frequent validation checks.


Precision instruments are often subjected to highly extreme environments, can be immersed into certain kinds of taxing substances for measurement or can sometimes stop functioning because of the corruption of a related process.

It’s important to measure, maintain and routinely validate that the data insights coming in from instruments are highly precise. A single decimal point of error can result in significant damage.

Instrumentation maintenance, like electrical controls maintenance, then, can often be preventative. Often, simple and seemingly subtle changes (like load charges or additions, circuit alterations, or improperly set or selected protective devices) can affect the measurement of instrumentation in a plant. The other aspect to instrumentation maintenance is an inaccuracy in record-keeping and documentation.

Telstar provides both the physical and evaluative services related to this form of core maintenance as well as detailed and compliance-based documentation for clients.


We need gas detection and alarm systems maintenance in our homes and our businesses. Especially in industrial plants, gas detection is crucial because so many chemical reactions give off fumes and gases from reactions.

Telstar’s team of technicians test the performance of your gas detection and alarm system apparatuses, ensuring that they’re triggered at the right times and levels and that maintenance documentation is updated and on par with industry standards.

We’ll also make sure that any related services are also running on par with your present thresholds, stress-testing each or undertaking new installations for your devices.



Chemical feed equipment maintenance is an integral aspect of any industrial and manufacturing plant or scientific and pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

From mechanical components to the instrumentation attached to customized equipment, Telstar has the right expertise and experience to perform routine checks, ongoing maintenance and careful validation and calibration of newly installed units.


Your telemetry systems are designed to speak to you, giving your employees the measurements and data points that matter the most.


to help optimize this system. It’s comforting to know that this is running in the background, collecting the right forms and amount of data and monitoring your plant’s most crucial processes.

Our telemetry maintenance service ensures that any breakdown in communications between analog and digital networks, and legacy RTU systems are addressed right away. We’ll help your remote sites report back reliably and consistently so you can receive the data you need to make your daily operations run like clockwork.



PLC control systems maintenance calls for specialized processors, control panels, as well as the encoding that makes these systems run as efficiently as they do.

As you can imagine, computer and PLC control systems maintenance involves checking the actual functional units and panels as well as the programming processes and logic behind the function.

The key here is to ensure continued and consistent control of your processes as well as thorough documentation of issues. As the brains of your process and all other technical and mechanical equipment, this maintenance and validation service is incredibly important, especially if your company is looking to create more efficiency and decrease cost through superior and precise automation.


Maintaining your systems, operations, processes and the safety of your plant is not a one-time endeavor. Nor is it a one-time only undertaking that you can set and forget.

When you work with Telstar’s team of highly skilled and specialized technicians, designers and engineers, you can rest easy knowing that we’re on top of your maintenance routines. Providing you with knowledgeable expertise and cross-functional services has always been our strength. But we do so in a way that is transparent and reliable.

Ready to reach out? See how Telstar’s expert service can transform your plant’s internal processes and operations today!


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